What is Live Resin Sauce?

Live resin sauce is made from fresh frozen plant material that was not dried and cured, but rather frozen immediately after harvest. The starting plant material is a key indicator as to whether a sauce is considered live resin. Consumers who value sauce for its high terpene content will find the distinction between live resin and sauce made from cured flower particularly useful. If the extraction technician is able to retain the full spectrum of compounds available in the fresh frozen plant material at the time that it was processed, live resin sauce can be considered full spectrum, though the terms live resin and full spectrum are not synonymous.

*Source: Weedmaps

Where can I purchase SAUCED cannabis products?

SAUCED cannabis products are currently available in California and Nevada. To find your nearest dispensary please visit www.sauced.supply/locator or www.weedmaps.com/brands/sauced .

How do I buy wholesale?

Wholesale orders are only available to licensed retailers in California and Nevada. For licensed retailers interested in SAUCED wholesale, please email your contact information to [email protected] .


Where do I buy a SAUCED battery?

SAUCED batteries are available at select dispensaries, and can be ordered online at www.sauced.supply/shop .